Musical excerpts from the new album "Sweet Paname" (Official release in early 2023)

Sweet Paname


"Celebrating my Parisian roots in song from the other side of the world"

A book, album and art exhibit all-in one, the Sweet Paname project brings together multiple art forms to celebrate Sonia's French roots from her Mt Eden home, on the other side of the globe. 

The South Island book + album release took place on January 1st 2023 at the Whare Flat Folk Festival.

The North island and digital release was held on March 4th 2023 at the Alliance Francaise Auckland in Remuera. 

The book & CD is currently on its second pressing after the 300 first copies sold out in the first year of touring. A huge heartfelt thank you to all those of you who have bought copies. The feedback has been profound heartwarming!

Sweet Paname

Back Cover of the Book

Born on the rue des Martyrs in Paris, France to American parents, Sonia Wilson's life has been a whirlwind of creative leaps: from circus to gymnastics, theatre, gospel and a capella choirs, sign language, instrumental music, song writing, sound healing, travel, teaching and art-based community building, hers is an ongoing quest to leave each place a little better than she found it.

Music has taken her from the streets of Paris, across Kenyan
savannah, through remote Himalayan villages, and eventually to New Zealand where she found her place, and her partner in heart and music, Nigel Gavin.

A book, music album and art exhibit all-in-one, this project was inspired by her desire to acknowledge and celebrate her French roots, while putting her own storytelling process at the service of showcasing a number of other musicians and visual artists met along the way.

Sweet Paname CD Track List

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