7pm - Live Music with Sonia & Nigel Bonjour! Come on down to Lopdell Theatre from 7pm as we open the 2023 Film Festival. Tunes with a French flavour will be provided by acoustic folk duo Sonia & Nigel. Featuring Paris-born, French-American Sonia Wilson on vocals and ukulele, and Kiwi-American virtuoso musician Nigel Gavin on seven-string guitar.

8pm - Delicious (France) 2022 Subtitles M | 1h 53m | History, Drama | $10

Join us on opening night in 1789 France, just prior to the Revolution, when gastronomy was strictly the domain of the aristocrats. When he is unfairly dismissed by his noble master, talented but prideful chef Manceron abandons his passion for the culinary and retreats to the countryside to cook at a regional inn. But when a surprising woman arrives and asks to become his apprentice, the stage is set for a wildly enjoyable tale of reignited passion, mentorship and revenge... and the creation of France's very first restaurant.

General Admission: $10.00 each